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Our price lists for mercury and radioisotopes are available to help you approximate the costs for your project. 

If you are a new Flett customer we highly encourage you to contact us to discuss your project requirements.  Starting your project with the proper supplies and correct sampling procedures will help to ensure the quality of your data.

 Talk to Dr. Robert Flett at (204) 667-2505 or via email at  flett@flettresearch.ca 


Flett Research is accredited by the Canadian Association for Laboratory Accreditation (CALA).  Accreditation recognizes technical competence for a defined scope, operation of a laboratory quality management system and compliance with International Standard ISO 17205.  To see our scope of accredited tests follow this link to the CALA website.

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Flett Research Ltd - 440 DeSalaberry Ave - Winnipeg Manitoba CANADA   R2L 0Y7

Phone/Fax: (204) 667-2505

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